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Residential treatment is a type of treatment for drug and alcohol dependence and residential treatment is considered the most effective type. Residential treatment is founded on evidence that drug abuse and addiction behaviors need to be fully interrupted before they can get better. By physically taking a person suffering from drug and alcohol abuse and putting them in residential treatment, you are taking them away from drug using peers and an environment that enables them to drink and use. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the more residential treatment received by an alcoholic or addict, the better their chances for long term abstinence. Spencer Recovery Centers residential treatment facility has been serving the recovery community for over a decade and we think if you read on you will see that it can work for you and your loved ones as well.

The goal of Spencer Recovery Centers is to show our clients how to achieve long lasting sobriety and emotional and mental stability. Drug and alcohol abuse can either cover up or exaggerate emotional problems and chemical imbalances like depression, isolation, aggression and problems with authority. Spencer addresses the physical and mental aspects of any disorder. Our staff physician and psychologist monitor our clients throughout their stay. From the initial assessment upon admission to tracking the progress of the customized treatment plan, our staff professionals have seen it all and can help you or your loved one too.

The length of stay at residential treatment ranges from 3 to 6 weeks and can be adjusted depending on needs. The most important aspect of residential treatment is for the client to be removed from the drug using environment and put in a safe place where he or she can take an honest look at their life. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse residential treatment does not have to begin voluntarily to work. Many of our clients come in after family interventions. Call us to find out how an intervention can work for you too.

While in Spencer residential treatment, our clients are kept busy with writing and reading assignments and several group and individual counseling sessions a day. Family group therapy is also encouraged for those having communication problems with the family and substance education classes are made available to clients and families as well.

Spencer Recovery Center's has been helping people of all ages and walks of life find happiness based on honest living and we know we can help you too. If you are having a problem with drugs and alcohol or have a loved one who is suffering, please give us a call right now to begin the recovery process.

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